• Café Refine

    Café Refine

    Embrace a vigorous morning by having a great breakfast. Indulge yourself in leisure afternoon tea, and most important, a pleasant dinner to finish a magnificent day.

  • Breakfast Buffet

    Breakfast Buffet

    Buffet breakfast chooses most fresh food on a daily basis, cooked in both western and Chinese ways, giving you a new and creative experiences of more than just food.

  • Restaurant


    Designed for natural light to shin through, spacious room houses 120 people at the same time. Guests can see the green ways long the riverside while dining.

  • Small size conference room

    Small size conference room

    Smaller space housing 12 people, perfect for private business meetings.

  • Large size conference room

    Large size conference room

    Large size conference room houses 120 people, suitable for activities such as business, class teaching, education training, and gatherings.

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