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Aeris International Hotel
Located in excellent traffic center, Aeris International Hotel proudly presents 200 well-equipped guest rooms, using top notch facilities to better serve our privileged guests.

Guests can stroll casually to National Taiwan Museum & Calligraphy Greenway within 10 minutes; Taichung Train Station, bus station and Wuquan W. Rd. intersection are within 10 minutes reach by car.

Warm, happy family hours are made possible in our Family Studio.

Solemn and elegant design is a perfect space for elite businesspersons, but is as great for those who want a temperate rest from bustling daily life.

Aeris International Hotel provides guests with most comfortable and economic lodging experiences, either for business trips or just a casual rambling plan over Taichung.

Aeris International Hotel adopts 4 design factors, including Hakka printed cloth, original inhabitants’ totems, paper-cutting art, and blue-dye cultural heritage techniques, allowing our precious guests to indulge themselves in spaces full of artistic atmosphere.
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